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FAOPEN was founded to provide "Remote Engineering" service to products and resources industries. Remote engineering would enable your fabs/factories to perform e-manufacturing and effective SCM, which include e-diagnostics, e-monitoring, e-billing, e-procurement, etc.

Our mission is to create a world standard of remote engineering service based on general business resources such as XML in order to dramatically reduce cost in capital-intensive industries.

Throughout the world, the change of economy from analog to digital to IT has influenced strongly on manufacturers of all capital-intensive industries. In particular, recent worldwide economic downturn has made manufacturers pile up inventories and have excessive number of production machines. These facts require manufacturers to broaden their business fields from domestic to world market and to lower production cost. In this situation, our remote engineering service - remote monitoring, maintenance, control - must be the important and critical service when you do your business or do some market research, and produce and sell your products in the global market.
Our company again provides services such as secure data transmission and line connectivity, e-billing and other skill-added services for data on general public phone line as well as consulting services of system integration. These services are based on computing network and have been co-developed with worldly famous R&D lab of NTT.

Company Name

Tokyo Office:
FAOPEN Inc.:Rune Shinjuku gyoen Tower

+81-3-5360-6101 Fax +81-3-5360-6106
[President and C.E.O] Minoru Fujihira
[Director] Shigehiro Hara
[Director] Allen Miner
[Director] Kenji Nishikido

World Wide Office
FAOPEN Silicon Valley Liaison Office
Representative: James Imai
525 West Remington Drive #120, Sunnyvale, CA 94087, USA
TEL: +1-408-245-4722 FAX: +1-408-735-1916
FAOPEN Korea Liaison Office
Representative: Il-Hwan Jun
RM#503, Namhan-Bldg., 76-42, Hannaml-Dong
Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea, 140-887
TEL: +82-2-797-9832 FAX: +82-2-797-4721
FAOPEN Osaka Branch
Open August 2001

Business Overview
Remote Engineering
Consulting how to implement remote engineering through computer network of NTT in products and resource industries such as semiconductor, robot, automobile, factory machine, medical equipment, food, medicine, heavy industries, vending machine, etc.
Project Contents
Research and help build and integrate computer and network system for remote/e- diagnostics, maintenance and monitoring through Internet-based network connected among company headquarter, field, technical center and end-users
Introducing and providing trainings of XML needed for using FDC (Factory Data Center)
Co-Developing to upgrade FDC with NTT lab and doing sales and marketing FDC
Standardizing and create guidelines of remote engineering and other related things
Remote Engineering is an integrated service based on FDC (Factory Data Center) for manufacturing machines, equipments, power generators and other equipments in above industries.

FDC (Factory Data Center) is a platform co-developed with NTT and enables to provide services through Internet such as high security , secure connectivity, e-billing for data on public phone line.

Managing portal site for manufacturers and vendors
Building and managing network through a portal site where in-depth information is collected and spread out among vendors, end-users, several organization, logistics companies, and trading companies.

Target Market or Industries
Process industries
Oil, Gas, Electric, Chemical, Pulp
Discreet industries
Manufacturing machine, Robot, Printing Equipment, Transportation Equipment, Semiconductor, Automobile
Food, Medicine, Cosmetics
It is more than our pleasure to talk about possibility of remote engineering for any industry.

Demonstration devices are now in progress in Tokyo office and will be anounced soon.

New information of Remote Engineering and FAOPEN keep updated on this site.